Print Design

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ABOVE: New Year Poster for The Year of The Monkey, 2016 | Concept & Design | Agency: Alchemy Asia, Hong Kong

ABOVE: Brochure for Country Club China, a new group of members-only country clubs proposed for Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai  |  Concept & Design  |  Agency: Alchemy Asia, Hong Kong



ABOVE & BELOW: Part of a series of limited edition posters to publicise CLUTCH: The Movie, an independent muscle car movie from Seattle, USA director Jay Rowlands  |  Concepts & design  |  Copywriter: Jay Rowlands  |  Freelance client


SHA_65_Box_concept_1A copy

ABOVE & BELOW: Brand identity and brochure design for Shanghai 65, a Hong Kong property development being constructed in the French Concession district of the city. Logo was foil blocked and embossed on linen-covered, book-bound property brochure and clam shell box | Concept & design | Agency: Alchemy Asia, Hong Kong


Rebranding identity concept for Little Sei Wan Golfing Society, a members-only Hong Kong golf club with a long heritage. Selected design shown applied to member cufflinks, golf club head covers and golf glove | Concept & design | Agency: Alchemy Asia, Hong Kong


ABOVE: Poster Advertising and POS signage for Pyramid DPA, a craft-brewed draught pale ale from Pyramid Breweries, Seattle, USA – The aim was to create an iconic image and type style for the launch of the brand  |  Concept & design  |  Copywriter: Gretchen Lauber  |  Agency: EvansGroup Publicis, Seattle, USA


ABOVE & BELOW: New business concept that was presented to Boston Museum of Art. An art materials case containing items such as brushes, paints, modelling clay, pencils, inks, etc, all adorned with custom crafted labels outlining the agency’s philosophy and creative process – A presentation of work, team, and capabilities was featured in a custom-printed, spiral bound, watercolour pad  |  Concept & design  |  Copywriter: Ron Clayton  |  Agency: The VIA Agency, Portland, Maine, USA


ABOVE: Digital Chinese New Year Card for 2014, The Year of The Horse  |  Concept, design & copywriting  |  Agency: Alchemy Asia, Hong Kong

ABOVE: Pro bono design work for the Center for Cultural Exchange, Portland, Maine, USA, to publicise their annual festival of music, food and art from around the world  |  Concepts & design  |  Copywriter: Ian Dunn  |  Agency: The VIA Agency, Portland, Maine, USA

ABOVE & BELOW: Brochure design for The Ad Club of Boston’s annual symposium. The theme was Building ROI Through Innovation and the brochure and “stamp” logo used a boomerang theme throughout to illustrate the concept  |  Concept & design  |  Copywriter: Alison Juves  |  Agency: The VIA Agency, Portland, Maine, USA


Promotional Menu for Red Robin Restaurants, designed as a glossy fashion magazine.